Sick Brothers and Family Members
Please pray for the following Brothers and family members who may be sick or injured.

All the flood victim in West Virginia
Lil Regan, wife of Brother Rich Regan, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. surgery went well but still need a little radiation and the inconvenience of a daily pill for several years.

The Tony Del Pozzo the uncle of Nick DelPozzo has had a heart and is in assisted living in Florida

Buzz Burger is in the Life Care Center recovering from a broken hip

Peter Ascione is experiencing heart problems and may be hospitalized

Emil Sagan has a cancerous tumor on his neck and will start radiation therapy on July 6

Dani Haines – wife of Howard Haines– being treated for
David DeReamer – Son of Dave DeReamer - has developed heart complications      and is making slow but steady progress    
Nick Sharr – has severe problems and having physical treatment for Parkinson’s disease
Phyllis Bidwell –wife of Bob Bidwell – is recovering from a broken collarbone
Gerry Grubb – is in failing health, has fallen numerous times and broken several bones

Gretchen Keefner – sister-in-law of Bill Bender, is being treated for lymphoma       

Joe Smith is being treated after suffering two strokes

Eric Leland, brother of Jack Leland, has been diagnosed with ALS

Pat Roberts – sister of George Reilly – has dementia

John Carriero will undergo radiation therapy for a brain tumor and is home and doing well

Barbara Loosbrock fell and broke her hip and wrist. She is recovering at the Life Care Center

Pat Fitzgerald, wife of Tom Fitzgerald, is recovering for a stroke

Wendy McClure - sister-in-law of Bill Weyeneth has surgery to remove a growth In her colon

Trina Weyeneth – sister of Bill Weyeneth is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer

Carl Samberg recently had knee replacement surgery and while recuperating had a heart episode that required four stints


Marie Mahoney, wife of Lou Mahoney, had hip replacement surgery on March 15    and is recovering at the Preston




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