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Starting in March 2002, Council 10668 began a "Chalice for Vocations Program". One brother Knight will take Father Bernard Nienhaus's ordination chalice for a week and say the Vocation Prayer over it as a family daily at the dinner meal. He will then pass the chalice and prayer to the next Knight in line for the following week.


Several years ago, our Thomas D. Reilley Sr. Council 10668 made a commitment to pray for religious vocations. The idea of circulating a vocation chalice amoung our brother Knights was born at a Council business meeting in 2002.The ordination chalice of Fr. Barnarad Nienhaus was offered on indefinite loan to our Council by Judy Sturm, wife of brothr Lee Sturm. Our chalice has been in continuous circulation since 2002.

Fr. Nienhaus was a St. Louis diocesan priest for 38 years, serving as a chaplin, psychologist for seminarians, and a parish priest. He had a giant intellect with theologly degrees from Catholic U. and a PhD in psychology from Wisconsin. Fr. Bernard had a special gift for learning languages. He was fluent in Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, and English. One day he decided he wanted to read the bible in it's original text. Instead of the Greek translations, he taught himself Hebrew from library books, and read the original bible. In the 1980's, when it became possible to travel to Russia, he taught himself Russian from library books and took a trip to Moscow.

Fr. Bernard's last assignment was to a rural farming parish west of St. Louis. This was a really big change for a highly educated city guy. When he moved into the parish house, he thought about what he could do tto fit in right away with his new parishsioners. He went to the local Southern States Supply Store and bought himself bib overals and a shotgun for the parish turkey shoot. How long do you think it took him to be love by his farming parishioners?

His retiremant goal was to be a missionary in Mexico working with the poor and underprivileged.

Unfortunately, he died too soon in the Barcelona Airport on his way to Turkey. He is so greatly missed for the priest that he was and the spirit of his life.

Vocation Prayer:
Priest: Let us ask God to give many priests, brothers and sisters to His Holy Church. All: Oh God, we earnestly beseech You to bless this diocese with many priests, brothers and sisters who will love You with their whole strength and gladly spend their entire lives to serve Your Church and to make You known and loved. Priest: Bless our families, bless our children. All: Choose from our homes those who are needed for Your work. Priest: Mary Queen for the Clergy to Queen of the Clergy. All: Pray for us. Pray for our priests and religious. This we ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

To participate please call or fill in our on-line reply form.

  • The brother who has the Chalice should contact the next brother to receive the Chalice and arrange the transfer at a convenient Mass. The Chalice Schedule with names and phone numbers is available on the Council website.
  • Both Knights meet in Narthex about 10 minutes before mass. One brother locates and places a small table in front of the Blessed Virgin side altar. The Knights of Columbus is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • One brother mentions to the Celebrant or Deacon that the Vocations Chalice is being transferred at this mass. There should be small cards with a copy of the Vocations Prayer in the chalice box. Please offer on to the Celebrant or Deacon.
  • Carrying the Vocations Chalice in the Entrance procession is the sign of the transfer. Brothers assemble in the narthex with the others who are part of the Entrance. The Knights immediately follow the Lectors in the procession. Holding the chalice box between them, brothers walk to the front aisle, bow together and immediately move to reveal and display the chalice on the small table in front of Mary. Without bowing, brothers move to their pews for the celebration of the mass.
  • The celebrant may reference the transfer and he may lead the congregation in praying for vocations. Normally this occurs at Dismissal.
  • After mass, the receiving brother takes the chalice and the transferring brother removes the small table from the side altar.
  • In addition to maintaining awareness of Council activities, the desired result of mass transfers is that more parishioners will pray for vocations.


Click here for a printable copy of the above procedures!


July 3 – July 10 Hal Weiland  842-8544
July 10 – July 17 John Fitzgerald 342-5048
July 17 – July 24 Tony Schopp 757-7571 ANTHONY.SCHOPP@GMAIL.COM
July 24 – July 31 Bill Bender 681-8438 WILLIAMBENDER@HARGRAY.COM
July 31 - Aug 7 John Kyle  681-9924
Aug 7 - Aug 14 Jack McGahay  784-9303 JMCGAHAY@AOL.COM
Aug 14 - Aug 21 Bill Taylor  715-9884
Aug 21 - Aug 28 Bart Bubnell  342-9249
Aug 28 - Sep 4 Bill Cotter 342-7209
Sep 4 - Sep 11 Joe Flood  816-5537 J.JOSEPH.FLOOD@GMAIL.COM
Sep 11 - Sep 18 Frank Grywalski 843-342-9794
Sep 18 - Sep 25 Ken James 689-6038
Sep 25 - Oct 2 Michael D'Lugos 865-603-0842
Oct 2 - Oct 9 James Doherty 215-327-7883
Oct 9 – Oct 16 Mike Sansone (740) 391-8987 MCSANSONE5@GMAIL.COM
Oct 16 – Oct 23 Art Tonkinson 301-1101 ATONK@ROADRUNNER.COM
Oct 23 – Oct 30 Bill Mullane 342-5789
Oct 29- Nov 5 Howard Larson 815-2319
Nov 5 – Nov 11 Nick Del Pozzo 705-3088 NICK.DELPOZZO@GMAIL.COM
Nov 12 – Nov 18 Dave DeReamer 298-8236
Nov 19 – Nov 25 Bill Burger 681-8815
Nov 26 – Dec 2 George Salemi 689-3668 PAR3HHI@YAHOO.COM
Dec 3 – Dec 09 Bill Schumacher 689-2058
Dec 10 – Dec 16 John Carreiro 682-2210 JJCARREIROHHI@YAHOO.COM
Dec 17 – Dec 23 Lee Sturm 689-3214
Dec 24 – Dec 30 Ron Rizzi 715-0333 RON.RIZZI@GMAIL.COM
Dec 31 - Jan 6 Ron Rizzi 715-0333 RON.RIZZI@GMAIL.COM 
Jan 7 – Jan 13 Bob Bidwell 757-5748  
Jan 14 – Jan 20 Joe Fanning 342-9879
Jan 21 – Jan 27 Dennis Lauzon 342-4850 DALAUZON@HOTMAIL.COM
Jan 28– Feb 3 Pete Teutschman 342-3357 TEUTSP@AOL.COM
Feb 4 – Feb 10 Steve Remke 422-4326 STEPHENREMKE@GMAIL.COM
Feb 11 – Feb17 Walt Marcinkowski 681-4107
Feb 17– Feb 24 Bill Taylor  715-4884
Feb 25 –Mar 3 Frank Grywalski 843-342-9794
Mar 5 - Mar 12 Steve Remke 422-4326 STEPHENREMKE@GMAIL.COM
Mar 11 - Mar 17 Hal Weiland 842-8544
Mar 18 - Mar 24 Jim Jumpeter 843-715-4203
Mar 25 - Mar31 Brad Simpson 681-9547 FBSIMPSON@YAHOO.COM
April 1 – April 7 William Cotter (843) 342-7209.
April 8 – April 14 Tony Schopp 757-7571 ANTHONY.SCHOPP@GMAIL.COM 
April 15 – April 21 Mark Sansone (740)391-8987 MCSANSONE5@GMAIL.COM
April 22 – Apr 28 Ron Angner 686-6037
Apr 29 – May 5 Bob Oppenheimer 342-6333
May 6 – May 12 Joe Spingler 342-6827
May 13 – May 19 Jim Berl 681-3941
May 20 – MAY 26 Steve Remke 422-4326 STEPHENREMKE@GMAIL.COM
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