KofC Council 10668 Song


History: Our Council song “Fraternity” was written and performed by Brother David Green for the first time at our “All Knights Mass” on Nov 2, 2005. No one attending knew he had prepared a special song for our Council and only after the mass did we find out about it. We think it is worth sharing with all the Councils in SC and would like to give it exposure at the Supreme level for possible application to all KofC Councils and Assemblies.


Click to hear one of three verses, plus the refrain.

Uses: Here is how we think the song can be routinely used by Councils.
   *  At Business Meetings for Opening or Closing Odes.
   *  At Social Meetings where members are being honored.
   *  At Council Memorial services: We say a rosary at the funeral of deceased Brothers. This song will fit in immediately after the rosary is completed and before the Mass begins.
   *  At our annual Council Memorial masses on Nov 2nd and Memorial day on May 30th
   *  At our annual Council Communion Breakfast in February.
   *  At the conclusion of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree ceremonies.
Our Council has a singing group called the Knight Hawks. They are planning to learn this song and sing it live at appropriate occasions.

Purchase a copy: Council 10668 would like to recover the cost of producing this CD.

•   CD with jewel case, mailed first class.   Cost $5.00

How to order:
Send your check made payable to”KofC Council 10668” to:

                      KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
                      Thomas D. Reilley, Sr. Council 10668
                      PO Box 21276
                      Hilton Head Island, SC 29925

Shipping: Upon receipt of your check, the song will be promptly mailed via USPS to the address you provide.