Dear Brother.

If I were a newscaster, this would probably qualify as:  Breaking News!

Applebee's Hilton Head Island restaurant closed, effective today, November

The regional manager for Applebee's contacted me last night to not only
announce this decision but to also personally tell me of their support of
our council's efforts and to explain Applebee's decision that our council
keeps all the donations we have collected.  In addition, the restaurant will
also refund, at its expense, any requested refund.  To date, more than 200
tickets have been sold.  If you purchased tickets and would like a refund,
you can either contact me or the regional manager.

To request a refund, email me or send your request to <> .

Our association with Applebee's was brief and we are pleased and thankful
for their concern that our council is satisfied and that we lose no money
collected for our charities.

We were also scheduled to have a second Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee's in
the spring.  That will not happen; we hope to decide on a replacement and
will let you know.

Rich Rosenbach

681-2618 or