Sick Brothers and Family Members
Please pray for the following Brothers and family members who may be sick or injured.


George Grogan-uncle of Mike Walters, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

Tom Payne-in need of our prayers

Natalie Southland, neice of Will Torre, who is being treated for breast cancer

Dave Mulbarger-recoveing at Memorial Hospital from triple bypass surgery and has

                            is also being treated for  infection

Mary Lee Bentzel, sister of Jim Schneider, who is being treated for esophageal                                      cancer

Jim Frey who had knee replacement and in rehab in Florida until April

Lt. Matt LeTourneau of Philadelphia Fire Department Engine Co. 45 who was                                       killed on January 6 in a house row house fire in North                                              Philadelphia. He passed away at Temple University Hospital

Dave DeReamer’s son whose heart condition is worsening

Brad Simpson who will have a heart oblation procedure on February 12




Dani Hanes –wife of Howard Hanes is being treated for myocitis

Bill Cantasano- chronic leukemia, emphysema and dementia

David DeReamer- son of Dave DeReamer has developed heart complications

Nick Sharr- has severe back problems and having treatments for parkinsons disease

Gretchen Keefner- sister-in-law of Bill Bender is being treated for lymphoma

Eric Leland- brother of Jack Leland has been diagnosed with ALS

Pat Fitzgerald- wife of Tom Fitzgerald is recovering from a stroke

Greg Smetek- grandson of Ron Smetek has general health issues

Bill Mullane’s son is recovering from a stroke

Dick Beauchamp’s granddaughter has had surgery for serious health issues

Ray Spurlock has very serious health issues

John Kyle who has serious heart issues

Lee Sturm who is at home and undergoing treatment for a lung tumor and  blood                                      clots in  his legs

C J Maher is home from the hospital and doing better

George Loud who has internal bleeding caused by radiation







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