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Port Royal Picnic 2017

Disabilities & Special Needs facility









Oktoberfest 2017


Council 10668 Oktoberfest 




              Our Councils spectacular fall Oktoberfest party coming your way on Oct 12th.   

On Thursday Oct 12th, 4 PM to 8 PM we are having our eleventh Oktoberfest and its going to be one of the best ever.   It will be held at the beautiful new Spring Lake Recreation area inside Hilton Head Plantation.





"Newlywed Game" Winners



Jack and Ginny McGahay



Then there was TRIVIA


Winning Teams



                                Ron's Team                                                                                 Lee's Team



                            Jack's Team                                                                                    Ken's Team






New Deputy Grand Kninght inducted



Mike Waters








Jim Scheider, Jim Jumpeter and James Frey











                   Fred Jones                                         Richard Waters                                   Ronakd Zmuda
















Contact - Phone


Wed 27

9:00 AM

Golf Tournament Council

Smetek  342-7081

Palmetto Hall




Please patronize -- and thank -- the following sponsors who supported our efforts:


  • Brown Golf
  • Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort
  • Heritage Golf Clubs
  • Old South Golf Links
  • PGA Tour Superstore
  • SERG Restaurant Group
  • Reilley’s (Coastal Restaurant Group)
  • Life Is Good Store
  • Cheap Seats Restaurant Group
  • Mangiamo’s
  • Main Street Café
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Edwin Watts Golf
Sun 1 1:00-4:00 PM Parish Picnic Parish S. Remke 843-422-4326 Honey Horn
Mon 2 7:00 PM Council Meeting Council Grand Knight Family Center
Thur 12 4:00PM

Oktoberfest Fraternal Event



Council J. Kelleher 440-666-8518 Spring Lake Pav.
Sat 14 Masses Tootsie Roll Campaign Columbus Hope Found. T. Gruchacz - 505-4923 Stores
Sat Sun 14-15 All Day Tootsie Roll Campaign Columbus Hope Found. T. Gruchacz - 505-4923 Church
Thur 26 6:00 PM "Education for New Pro-Life Generation,"  Culture of Life G. Loud - 342-6826 Hilton Head Library
Sat 28 10:00 AM Port Royal Picnic Community R. Graff  342-6148 Meet at Family Ctr.
Sun 29 2:30-3:30PM Life Chain - Beaufort Culture of Life G. Loud - 342-6826 Beaufort Town Hall
Thur 2 8:00 AM Rosary Before All Souls Mass Church Jim Berl Church
Thur 2 9:00 AM Reception After Mass Church Jim Berl Family Center
Thur 2 3:30 PM Executive Committee  Council Grand Knight Family Center
Fri 3 3:00 PM Essay Contest Entries Due Youth John Kelleher 440-666-8518
Sun 5 AM Ministry Fair Council Grand Knight Family Center
Mon 6 7:00 PM Council Meeting Council Grand Knight Family Center
Mon 13 7:00 PM Admissions Committee Membership Bill Burger - 681-8815 Family Center
Wed 15 All Day Essay Contest Winner Announced Youth J. Kelleher 440-666-8518 School
Thur 30 3:30 PM Executive Committee  Council Grand Knight Family Center





Assembly 2280



Contact - Phone
October 2017
November 2017
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Welcome to the Thomas D. Reilley, Sr. Council 10668 Knights of Columbus website, locate

Hilton Head Island South Carolina, and is part of a vibrant Catholic Community of St. Francis By The Sea Parish.

Our mission is to help St. Francis By The Sea Parish and the Charleston Diocese accomplish their goals and

to carry out the work of Jesus Christ in the Hilton Head Island South Carolina area.

For men in every walk of life the name Knights of Columbus engenders the image of a united organization,

efficiently going about it's tasks of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism.

Members of the Knights of Columbus give unselfishly their time and talents in service of God and their

country. They provide an opportunity for wholesome association with congenial companions who are,

first of all, practical Catholic gentlemen.


They offer fellowship with those who are of the same belief, and who recognize the same duty to God,

to family and to neighbor standing side by side in defense of those beliefs.


The Knights of Columbus has a proud heritage. Organized Columbianism, united behind the individual

Knight of Columbus, provides the power of an intelligent, alert body of Catholic men-a strength which

the individual by himself cannot achieve.



Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus
Thomas D. Reilley Sr. 10668

8 Ellils Court
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926